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Wellness Program 

Employee wellness programs have offered our nation the opportunity to not only improve the health of Americans, but also help control health care spending.

The Affordable Care Act created new incentives and build on existing wellness program policies to promote and encourage opportunities to support healthier workplaces. The Departments of Health and Human Services (HHS), These proposed rules have been effective after January 1, 2014.

Several companies & health insurance companies have implemented Wellness Programs for employees or individuals under their health insurance policies. Many will pay for a complete membership or even a percentage of the cost.

With a membership purchase, Ottawa Nautilus Fit24 can help accommodate you by printing your receipt once you have purchased your membership. Take the receipt to your employer/health insurance company for a reimbursement. All members are required to check-in upon entering our facility with a scan card. This card records every customer visit therefore if your company requires an accurate journal of your attendance. Ottawa Nautilus Fit24 can print & provide you with this information. 

Please take note that Ottawa Nautilus Fit24 DOES NOT take it upon our company to give the information that is needed to your employer/health insurance company but will provide you with documentation we have available. ALL membership fees are to be PAID IN FULL at time of sign up or renewal. 

Check with your employer, human resources department at your company, and/or your private health care provider to see if they have a Wellness Program established & what they require for reimbursements. Many of our existing customers are already enjoying these benefits. If you don’t ask the answer will be NO! If they do not offer reimbursement you haven’t lost anything!

If your company offers a Wellness Program please email us the info so we can provide an online list for quick viewing!​

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