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 Ottawa Nautilus Fit24
24 / 7 Fitness Center 
Members Only 
Day Passes Are Only Valid During Same Day Staff Hours
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All ACHs will run June 2nd
All memberships will be active and restored

Fitness is in Phase 3 of the Governors plan to open.

We will be unlocking the doors for the suggested guild lines June 1st at 10am

Ottawa Nautilus Fit24 is committed to keeping our community healthy. As we begin this reopening phase, we are committed to the health and wellness of our community. We have amped up our already stringent cleaning procedures.

All members will need to follow these procedures. We will have no choice but to revoke your membership with no reimbursement.

These limitations will be enforced until we have reached Stage 5

There will be no classes in door or outdoor at this time until we reach stage 4 which allows gatherings of 10.

No Children

No Gym Bags

No Chalk

No Gloves

Locker Room Closed

Showers Closed

Water Fountain Closed

Upon Entering the facility:

Change your shoes to gym specific shoes in the seating area at the counter.

Face Masks are mandatory

Sanitize your hands

Keep your 6ft Social Distance at all times : Do not turn on equipment we have shut off to comply with this rule

Sanitize all surfaces you come in contact with: Do NOT use a towel you have brought from home. There are sanitation stations available for this purpose.

We will be closed periodically through the day to preform detailed sanitization.

STAY HOME if you are feeling ill in any way.

Please note: you are being recorded while inside our facility.

All Contracted Trainers will be available for one on ones! Please contact them directly.

Staff Hours:

Monday thru Thursday 10am - 5pm
Friday 10am - 4pm

There will be No Staff on the weekends- we will be detail sanitizing during this time

If you have questions please feel free to contact me on Facebook